the face behind the page

My name is Olivia, the creator of Earth First, and I am student with a passion to leave a positive impact on the planet. I am studying Business Economics and Sustainable Business at Fordham University, located in the Bronx, New York. I have developed a strong desire to protect the environment and all of its organisms. Not only do I want a greener tomorrow, but I crave a world where individuals can live in freedom and peace. Through my studies, I hope to lead a future career and lifestyle among the intersection of business, environmentalism, and social justice.

I made the site with the purpose of sharing things in my life and in the world I find important, interesting, and entertaining. My posts will range from books I am reading to sustainable lifestyle hacks. I strive to lead a life of happiness, simplicity, and perseverance. Earth First will expose the inner workings of my mind and embody the changes we need to make a better tomorrow.